I Wish

I Wish

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

29th Apr’1999; East End of London

Help, somebody help me’, said Aurina. ‘Is there anyone around’, she cried but no one could hear her. After an hour or so when Aurina’s husband, Ashwick, returned home from the farms, he saw Aurina lying on the floor. The floor was wet as the water jug on the side table had fallen down. There were vegetables scattered all over the floor, which seemed to be in Aurina’s hands before she fell. He quickly reached Aurina and checked what has happened to her. He could see that she was still breathing but slowly. He picked her up gently, put her on the bed and not able to gather what has happened to his wife, ran to the neighbors for help. A lady from the adjacent cottage came back with him and tried examining Aurina. She took some water left in the jug and wiped Aurina’s face.

Look she is moving’, said Ashwick, ‘Put some more water’.

The lady put some more water on Aurina’s face and rubbed her hands and feet which were still cold. Aurina opened her eyes trying to realize what has happened to her. Ashwick gave her some water to drink and asked her what happened. She said, ‘I got dizzy and then fell down on the floor. I don’t remember much for now’. Ashwick asked her to calm down and take rest. He then requested the lady to wait while he goes out to get the doctor.  

The lady said, ‘Don’t worry; I will stay with Aurina until you come back’.

Ashwick was tired and covered in sweat from the farm work, yet he ran as fast as he could to get the doctor. He reached the doctor’s clinic, a small room, perhaps not bigger than a 6x4 storage area. The ceiling looked like it will fall anytime (but it was like this for quite long), walls half painted in white color and half covered with posters of hygiene, medication and few other health related do’s and don’ts. Ashwick saw the doctor attending a patient with three other patients sitting on wooden chairs placed right outside the room waiting for their turn.

Interrupting the current patient, without waiting for his turn, Ashwick said in a panic tone, ‘Doctor, my wife, she fell on the floor and was unattended like that for over an hour or so. I need your help. Please come with me urgently. I request’.

Doctor said, ‘Calm down, give me a minute and I will come with you’. The doctor finished examining the patient and gave him the prescription for medicines. Then requested other patients to wait or come back later. He picked the medical instruments and immediately left with Ashwick to see his wife. On their way, the doctor asked couple of questions to get an idea of how big the problem was. Ashwick answered all he saw or remembered but not even close to what might have happened.


Doctor entered Ashwick’s cottage and saw Aurina lying on her bed and a lady sitting next to her. By this time Aurina was feeling fine but still didn’t have any idea of what has happened to her. He asked Aurina, ‘Hey Aurina, how are you feeling now? I am Doctor Abraham and am here to examine you.Let me do some quick checks. OK, so your pulse is good and your blood pressure is a bit above normal but nothing to worry about. So, would you like to tell me what exactly happened?’

Aurina told the doctor, ‘I was working as normal when suddenly I had a severe headache. I thought I would take some medicine but when I got up, I felt dizziness and fell on the floor. I don’t remember what happened after that.

While talking to Aurina, the doctor continued with his check-up and then said, ‘OK. I have heard the same from Ashwick on my way and after doing some initial check-ups, I hear two heart beats. If you know what I mean, I have good news for you. You are expecting a baby but I cannot do all the tests here as I don’t have the necessary equipment. You should come tomorrow to my clinic and we will do some more tests to make sure everything is fine with you and the baby. You may have to take some regular medication as you are weak and that seems to be the reason for your dizziness. I leave for now, but as I said, everything looks fine, so nothing to worry about. Don’t stress too much’.

He came out of the cottage with Ashwick and said, ‘Come to my clinic at 11:00 tomorrow morning, we will do few more tests to make sure everything is fine with Aurina and the baby. Will see you tomorrow, look after your wife and take care.

The doctor left with a thought in Ashwick’s mind. He couldn’t sleep that night, thinking all the time about the baby and if his wife was strong enough to get through the pregnancy. That night was longer than usual for both Ashwick and his wife. They have been married for almost seven years now and had a miscarriage three years ago. Since then they have been trying for a baby but with no luck. They thanked GOD for blessing them with a baby once again and prayed for everything to go smooth.


Next morning Ashwick and Aurina reached doctor’s clinic on time and saw him attending a patient. Doctor saw them and gave a smile and asked them to wait outside while he is finished examining the current patient. Even a second’s wait was like an hour that day but they waited anxiously for their turn.

Doctor said, ‘Come in, I was just thinking about you sometime back. Don’t have too many patients this morning’. He asked them to follow him to the adjacent room where there were big machines and medical instruments.

Let’s begin the tests. Lie down here and make yourself comfortable, it will not take long’, he said and started the tests and kept asking questions in between.‘Did you feel any better last night or did you feel dizziness or any similar symptoms?

No, nothing unusual that I can tell you from last night’, said Aurina. ‘I tried to remember what else happened yesterday. Before I fell on the floor, I was doing the normal work, cutting vegetables for the dinner and felt like headache. I thought of having medicine and as I stood up I fell down with dizziness. While I was unconscious, I saw a dream that I am at this big wedding with people dancing, chatting and enjoying all around. I am not sure why I saw such a dream or if it is to do with my dizziness or anything, just felt like telling you as I have never seen any dream like this before. It happened as if everything was real and happening in front of my eyes’.

After fully examining Aurina and completing all the tests, Doctor Abraham said, ‘OK, so I have done all the tests and …

And what… Is everything OK? Is there anything to worry about?’ said Ashwick, anxious to hear if everything is fine or if there is anything to worry about his wife and the baby.

Doctor said, ‘Calm down Ashwick, there is nothing to worry about. The baby inside is almost 10 weeks with a little heartbeat. I may be right to say that the heart beat may have started just yesterday. May be that’s the reason your body felt the need of more energy and you fell down with weakness. Here, I will write you some pills. Take this once a day after breakfast, eat good healthy food and take as much rest as possible. Your body will need it over the coming months. You should not remain empty stomach from now on; remember you have to feed two people now. Congratulations once again to you both and Ashwick, you should take good care of your wife. I would like to examine her again after two weeks, but you can come before that if she feels uncomfortable.

Ashwick and Aurina were overwhelmed with joy to hear the good news and thanked doctor for his time. They prayed one more time to GOD and returned home. They do not have a rich background, then how come Aurina saw that dream. I wish they become so rich that they could see their dream come true.


29th Apr’1999; West London

Brad, can you please slow down the volume. I am on the phone with a colleague.’ said Patricia. And Peter, please ask Kishan to bring me some vegetables while returning home.

Brad: ‘Sure Mom’. He slows down the volume of television.


Before I go any further, let me tell you a bit about Brad and his family. Brad was born on 25th Oct’1994; a date which I will always remember not because he was born on this date but for something else that happened on the very same date,25th Oct, I will tell you later. Brad is four and a half years old, lives in West London with his mom Patricia and dad Peter. His family is wealthy, have several servants to take care of daily routine works like laundry, washing utensils, house cleaning etc. along with babysitting for Brad himself. They also have a big car and Kishan is one of the servants who drive it.

Patricia is an IT Professional, a senior executive in a multi-national company and often works from home to take care of Brad while Peter works in a bank at a very senior post. They have few hours to spend together due to heavy workload from office and their busy life. Brad spends most of his time watching cartoons, movies and playing video games. But that does not make him a low performer in studies; he is a sharp kid with amazing grasping power.

Brad is cute and adorable. I don’t know how come I know all about him but it seems like we have some kind of connection. It’s like we know each other so well that you can ask me anything about Brad and I can tell you even though we have not met, not yet. From what I can see or rather feel, he is a bit shy, likes watching television, does not go out to play with friends too often but again that does not mean he is lazy. He is rather very energetic and enthusiastic for any new thing that attracts him.  


Patricia speaking on phone: ‘Yes, I need the report by evening and it should be as per the specifications. You know how important this is for us and the whole project is dependent on how we pitch in, so the report should have all the information. You have got all the requirements and I have forwarded a mail from Ms. Brook so you should have everything to prepare a nice report. I will call you again in two hours and then will discuss the remaining points. You complete as much as possible by that time. If you stuck in between give me a call as I will not be attending mails for some time. Speak later. Bye

She hung up and called Brad, ‘Brad, what you are watching? Come here, have some juice. I have prepared it fresh for my baby. Come on, hurry up. You can watch your cartoon once you finish it.

Brad: ‘Coming Mom’. He left the television on and ran to his mom.

Careful, the water jug on the table will fall and you will get hurt’, I said.

Brad slipped on the floor and his foot hit the chair, shaking the table and the water jug placed on the table. The jug fell on the floor and broke into small pieces. Few glass pieces wedged in Brad’s feet and legs. Brad’s mom stood up from the chair and picked him up quickly. There was blood on the floor and it looked too much as it had got one with water from jug.

OH MY God! Mary. Mary. Hurry up, come here. Brad is hurt badly and there are small pieces of glass on the floor as well. Clean it up before anyone else gets hurt and call the doctor first’, said Patricia to one of the servants.


I saw blood flowing out of a human body for the first time and I could not forget that sight.

Patricia took Brad to the washroom and gently rinsed his legs and feet taking out tiny glass pieces. Brad was sobbing out of pain. She cleansed the wounds gently with an antiseptic liquid. By this time the doctor had reached Brad’s home; guess there are many advantages of being rich. I wish I could be this rich some day.

Patricia said, ‘Doctor, I have cleansed Brad’s leg but there are still some tiny glass pieces that I could not pull out easily. Please do something quickly; he is in too much pain.

Doctor pulled out the remaining glass pieces from Brad’s legs and applied some medicine to sooth the pain, then covered all his wounds with bandage. His legs were red and had a bit of swelling from cuts and with all the bandages around he was looking rather funny (haha). Sorry, I should not say that; he was in so much pain. Poor Brad, he had to go through all this pain. I saw him still whimpering in his mother’s lap and his cheeks were red and wet with tears. But why didn’t he hear when I told him to be careful? I don’t know why he could not hear me. Or maybe he did but ignored me. Anyway, I think he should take some rest. I will see him tomorrow.

Here, have some milk before you sleep’, said Patricia to Brad.

She kissed Brad and tugged him in nice, cozy bed. I wish I could kiss him too, he attracts me so much.


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